SolarPower Europe har været forbi MEP Bendt Bendtsen, der fortæller om fordelene ved det solcelleanlæg, han og hans kone fik installeret på deres nye hus i 2012. 

På deres hjemmeside skriver SolarPower Europe:

As part of the Generation Solar campaign, SolarPower Europe travelled to Denmark to visit MEP Bendt Bendtsen (EPP) in his solar powered, energy efficient house.

Bendtsen has been a high-profiled politician for many years, as the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic and Business Affairs in Denmark and MEP and lead rapporteur on the recently adopted Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Bendtsen’s view is that it is important that politicians take action to show their personal commitment to the energy transition. That is why Bendtsen installed a 6 kWh solar PV system on his house in 2012 that he continues to enjoy high yields from. In the video, Bendtsen explains why it is important that the EU creates long-term certainty for solar PV owners like him and how even in the North of Europe, there is a great potential for solar power.

Se videoen, hvor Bendt Bendtsen fortæller om tankerne bag det hus, hans kone og han byggede i 2012.