The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and, the Danish electricity transmission and system operator, have at regular intervals published a catalogue of energy producing technologies.

In March 2015 the Energy Agency and have updated the section on PV in the Technology Catalogue. The update shows a large reduction in the price for PV installations. Towards 2030 it is expected that production costs for solar installations will fall by further 40 %.

Solcellepanel + sol + grene

The update of the chapter about PV in the DEA and’s technology catalog for electricity and district heating technologies show a sharp reduction in technology costs for PV systems compared to previous data.

DEA has previously analyzed electricity costs for ten technologies. If you use the updated data for PV for a similar analysis, the result is that electricity costs for large PV systems are now in line with costs for offshore wind and cogeneration plants fired by natural gas or coal. However, it is to be noted that the data for wind power and other technologies is not updated.

The trend is expected to continue towards lower cost and higher efficiency of PV systems. It is expected that the cost of producing 1 kWh on a new solar PV can be more than halved from 2015 2050.

The lower costs mean that PV could be expected to have a more prominent role in the future energy system.

Download the Technology Catalogue here: Technology Data for Energy Plants – Generation of Electricity and District Heating, Energy Storage and Energy Carrier Generation and Conversion.

Source: Press release from the Danish Energy Agency, 19 March 2015.