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New legislation from February 2015

11 February 2015 new legislation on increased support for PV came into force after finally being approved by the EU Commission.

The increased support for PV is relevant for solar owners who may be subject to transitional arrangements and future solar owners who want to take part in the pool for private households.

The fundamental elements of pool for future solar owners:

  • New increased rates for new photovoltaic plants of up to 6 kW per. household within a pool of 20 MW in the years 2013-2016.
  • The capacity for the 2013 and 2014 pools will be transferred to 2015. This means that in 2015 there will be offered a total of 60 MW.
  • The 60 MW pool is divided into four sub-groups, targeted respectively at single-family houses and various forms of joint facilities.
  • The increased rates will be given for a ten year period from when connected to the network. The rates depend on the installation type, and which year the commitment from the pool is obtained.
  • The first round of applications will be launched on March 16 2015. The distribution is made on a “first come first served” principle.
  • The increased settlement of the pools can only be achieved by new solar installations.
  • Energinet.dk, which approves or rejects the application, cannot make commitments to support any installation established prior to the grant.

Briefly on the transitional arrangements for existing PV systems:

  • From the time the increased support for solar installations are put into force, solar owners who have established installations from 20 November 2012 and qualify, can apply through Energinet.dk to be covered by the transitional arrangement.
  • A subsidy is awarded for 10 years after the grid connection for:
    Construction of max. 400 kW or common plants purchased after 20 November 2012 but no later than 19 March 2013.
    Plants on the roof or integrated into a building for various types of joint facilities (on the roof, integrated or on the ground) that are purchased after 19 March, but no later than 10 June 2013.

Comprehensive information on the new legislation can be found here (in Danish):

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